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As leaders in mobile, full stack and micro-services development, we help businesses design, develop, test and deploy solutions that accelerate their digital transformation. Our services are at the forefront of innovation, taking advantage of emerging technologies like biometrics, proximity, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence, to name just a few. If you have paid for your coffee with your Apple Watch, used Siri to make an e-transfer, or streamed a TV show on your mobile device, chances are you have used one of our solutions.

Mobile Development

From cutting edge mobile applications, to industrial grade cloud-based solutions, our track record is second to none in delivering industrial-grade, robust, elegant solutions leveraging the latest technologies. Whether you need to deliver a full cycle solution, a team to meet a surge in demand, eliminate a backlog, or repatriate resources back in-house, we can help.

Full Stack Development

Reduce development costs by increasing team efficiency, improve performance, response time, and take your solutions to market faster with Full Stack development.

Microservices Development

Customers’ are more informed than ever, expectations are high and switching to another app is easy. Our talented teams will help you keep up with a fast changing industry, accelerate your app’s time to market and improve quality with Microservices development.

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Our team has hands-on experience with Verified.Me, and is ready to help.

Prodigy is helping to accelerate the adoption of Canada’s first digital identity network by enabling enterprise clients to rapidly test, deploy and demonstrate business value with Verified.Me. 

Verified.Me is a new blockchain-based service that is poised to allow Canadian consumers to instantly verify their identity and authorize the sharing of their digital credentials directly and securely between trusted providers and relying parties. With this platform, consumers can control when, why and with whom their digital credentials are shared to verify their identities, thereby connecting them easily, privately and securely with essential online services.

“We see the potential for Verified.Me to become the true standard for the digital sharing of personal information in a highly secure way in Canada. Streamlined adoption of Verified.Me by relying parties is a critical step in this journey – one we are excited to partner with SecureKey to help accelerate.” – Tom Beckerman, founder and CEO of Prodigy.

“This collaboration with Prodigy is an important step forward in helping us grow our digital identity ecosystem and build much-needed authentication solutions that allow Canadians to prove their identity quickly, privately and securely. Thanks to Prodigy, we are closer to enabling Canadian businesses with new tools to verify their customer’s identities, so they can better deliver services and experiences, while maintaining trust, security and privacy in the digital world.” – Greg Wolfond, founder and CEO of SecureKey.

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The transformative technology of Blockchain suffers from a real world problem – the lack of available trained skilled talent to implement Blockchain systems.

Having delivered several Blockchain projects, and currently engaged in building a large trading system on Blockchain, Prodigy is well-placed to provide architecture, development, testing and support to your teams.

State of the Art for Voice Assistant Applications
Learn what voice assistants are, why they’re relevant and how you can benefit.

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Conversational Applications

Conversational User Interfaces are on track to become the primary means with which we use applications. Adoption and usage of applications and services will be increasingly determined by ease of use and the sophistication of your application. We were first-to-market in Canada delivering Siri for money transfer, and we are at the leading edge of implementing conversational interfaces, including Alexa and Google Home.

Biometric Authentication

Touch ID Prodigy Labs Biometric Authentication

Users are increasingly shifting away from relying on passwords for access. Biometric authentication is now mainstream, available on most mobile devices, and includes fingerprint, facial and iris recognition.

Our deep knowledge of biometrics and security, and our experience with numerous implementations, makes us a logical choice to help you both simplify and secure your applications.

*Average iPhone user unlocks their device 80 times per day, and 89% use Touch ID (Source: Apple).

e-Payments Gifting

A few characters of text sent with a money transfer over the internet has never been an emotionally or socially satisfying gifting experience. Now iVideo has changed all that! Combining user-generated video content with everyday payment mechanisms, iVideo adds emotional and social value to the e-gifting experience, strengthens customer loyalty, stimulates increased transactions, and captures incremental revenue.

For Money Transfers...

With the iVideo Greetings SDK in your e-Payments app, your users can “Send Some Love!” with their gift of a money transfer. Our professional quality themes make it fast, easy and fun to add high quality selfie video greetings, enhancing the gift giving experience and increasing transaction demand.

For Gift Cards...

Enhance your brand’s e-gift cards by enabling the iVideo Greetings SDK in your app. Your users will enjoy a great new quality gifting experience, and your e-gift card sales will skyrocket!

iVideo SDK Make it Personal Prodigy Labs

Voice Assistant Application Demo
Find out if voice assistants are the right fit for your business.

Request FREE Voice Assistant Demo || Prodigy Labs || Voice Services || Find out if voice assistants are the right fit for your business

Agile Coaching

Many organizations practice Agile methods for project delivery, however few of them actively measure its effectiveness and adjust their practices to derive the most value. Combining education, coaching and mentoring for the delivery teams and the executives is necessary to be successful with digital transformation initiatives.

Coaching and Training

We create a tailored training curriculum to best address the needs of your organization and will coach your team to meet their goals.

Agile Consulting

We provide you with your current state of the union – an agile assessment and health report.

Operating Model

To help you successfully operate in an Agile manner, we propose an operating model that best suits your organization, fosters transparency, and allows you to continuously review and refine techniques to get the most value.

Google Cloud

As you migrate away from your on-premise IT infrastructure to a more agile cost-effective cloud environment, we can accelerate that transition.to digital transformation

As a certified Google Cloud Partner, we can bring our valuable expertise in developing, optimizing and deploying Java enterprise applications onto Google Cloud Platform’s IaaS, PaaS, and serverless offerings.

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